New Paper asks: “Do journals journals enforce their data policies?”

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I am happy to announce that our paper “Journals in Economic Sciences: Paying Lip Service to Reproducible Research?” finally has been released.

The article, published in the latest issue of the IASSIST Quarterly, regards the practice of 37 journals in economics and business administration when it comes to the enforcement of their data policies.

For this purpose, we checked 599 articles which have been published in two issues of these journals. We chose the issues 1/2013 and 1/2014.

First, we estimated the share of articles that fall under a data policy, because replication data is needed to verify the published results. Afterwards, we checked the journal data archives and supplemental information section of each of these articles for the availability of replication files.

For a reduced sub-sample of 245 data-based articles, we checked in depth whether the replication files we found are compliant with the requirements of the journal’s respective data policy. Thereby, we are able to determine how much journals in economic sciences enforce their data policies and to calculate the ‘compliance rate’ for each journal in our sample. Read the rest of this entry »