UK Data Service launches Syntax Upload Facility

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The UK Data Service has just released a new service called Syntax Upload Facility. The Syntax Upload Facility enables researchers to upload and share syntax they create using UK Data Service data, building a library of syntax for other users to utilise and cite. The new Syntax Upload Facility aims to enhance researcher’s work and provide an opportunity to increase the impact of research through having syntax used and cited by others. UK Data Service also suggests how to cite these syntax-files. In addition, the syntax itself has a DOI, what promotes uniform citation standards.

The syntax created using our datasets can be uploaded by clicking Contribute your syntax/code at the bottom of the respective catalogue records. Once logged in, the syntax files can be uploaded in various formats including SPSS, Stata, SAS and R.

The Syntax Upload Facility then automatically creates a citation and a file which can be downloaded by other users. The new facility is particularly useful for researchers, students and those teaching with data. An example is available here.

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New Working Paper on Data Sharing Practises published: “A Reputation Economy”

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hare_c_flickrAcademic data sharing is a way for researchers to collaborate and thereby meet the needs of an increasingly complex research landscape. It enables researchers to verify results and to pursuit new research questions with “old” data.

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Guidebook “Discover-Cite-Document: Research Data in the Social Sciences and Economics” published

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250_cover_FoDaBroschAfter almost eight months of intense collaborative work, we are happy to announce the release of a guidebook on research data in the social sciences and economics. The idea of writing the guidebook was born in the course of a panel session on last year’s annual meeting of the “Verein für Socialpolitik” (VfS), the largest German-speaking economists association, where Jutta Günther (Halle Institute for Economic Research), Klaus Tochtermann (ZBW), Gert G. Wagner (German Data Forum and DIW Berlin) and Stefan Winkler-Nees (German Research Foundation) discussed both the potential and the need of data sharing in applied economics.

The panellists assessed that there currently is a lack of information on data documentation and citation in academic education.

Consequently, together with our partners from DIW Berlin, GESIS and the German Data Forum, we started to gather information on these topics. One year after the initial panel discussion, the hot off the press booklet was presented at this year’s annual meeting of the Verein für Socialpolitik two weeks ago.

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OJS-Dataverse Integration Plugin released!

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250 dataverse_workflow_ecastro_IQSSIn one of my previous blog posts I introduced the PKP/IQSS OJS-Dataverse integration project. After a really short developmental period the project now is happy to announce that the first version has been released! Congrats!

The plugin has been developed by PKP (Public Knowledge Project) in collaboration with Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS).  Funded by a $1 million Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant, the OJS-DVN project developed the plugin for journals that are using the Open Journal System (OJS). a journal management and publishing system .

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ODE Project: New Report on on Best Practices for Citability of Data and on evolving Roles in scholarly Communication

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With the ever increasing availability of data, the best way to ensure its sharing and re-use is becoming a prominent issue. Finding data and understanding data are the first steps in such a process and good data citation is an important prerequisite to enable this. New roles are evolving to support researchers in this process with support in managing, archiving, discovering, interpreting and citing data. Read the rest of this entry »

New Open Access Data Journal in Geosciences

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The Royal Meteorological Society has partnered with Wiley and Sons to launch a the new Open Access Geoscience Data Journal.

Geoscience Data Journal is online-only and will publish short data papers (articles describing a dataset, giving details including collection, processing, software and file formats) covering topics ranging from weather and climate, to oceanography, atmospheric chemistry and geology. All published data papers will be linked to datasets deposited in approved data centres, which provide details of the collection, processing and file formatting of data and awarded DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers)

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