Monash University releases Research Data Management Strategy 2012-2015

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Monash University in Australia has released a strategy for managing research data. The strategy was jointly developed by the University Library, the Monash e-Research Centre and the university’s enterprise IT group, eSolutions.

Monash University is active in RDM already for many years – milestones since 2006 include:

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OSF- Reproducibility Project tries to replicate the results published in three psychological journals

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“If you’re a psychologist, the news has to make you a little nervous…”. With this statement Tom Bartlett introduced his article  “Is Psychology About to Come Undone?” in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The source of his fears is the Reproducibility Project  – a group of researchers that aim to replicate every study within the three journals Psychological Science, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition published in the year 2008.

The project is part of Open Science Framework (OSF), a group that is interested in increasing the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices. Despite developing some tools and infrastructure projects its stated mission is to “estimate the reproducibility of published psychological science.”

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EC-Survey on Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Open Science matters!

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These days, the European Commission has just published the results of a consultation regarding accessibility and preservation of digital publications and research data in the European Union.

Commissioner Neelie Kroes, responsible for the digital agenda for Europe, has launched this consultation in July 2011 for seeking views on access to and preservation of digital scientific information – to be more precisely, the survey broached the issues of Open Access for scientific publications, accessibility of research data and digital long term preservation.

The purpose of the consultation was to gather information from as many sources as possible and receive important input for the future development of policy options in the area of scientific information in the digital age.

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Introducing – Developing a Registry of Research Data Repositories #Update

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On Friday I read some news about the project This introduction may be interesting for our readers too, so I ‘m documenting the press release here:

More and more universities and research centres are starting to build research data repositories allowing permanent access to data sets in a trustworthy environment. Due to disciplinary requirements, the landscape of data repositories is very heterogeneous. Thus it is difficult for researchers, funding bodies, publishers and scholarly institutions to select appropriate repositories for storage and search of research data.

The goal of is to create a global registry of research data repositories.

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Linking and lightening: LabArchives and BioMed Central create a new platform for publishing scientific data

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Sharing and reuse of data has become a vital part of modern scientific research. Having access to datasets ensures that the pace of scientific discovery is not unnecessarily hindered by data being kept under lock and key or hidden away in lab drawers.

In this context I read some interesting news: As part of the commitment to reproducible research and transparency, BioMed Central has now partnered with LabArchives to work together for the shared goal of making datasets supporting peer-reviewed publications available and permanently linked to online publications – and available under terms which permit reuse freely, as Open Data.

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EDaWaX-Project wins LIBER Award for Library Innovation 2012

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At the end of last week I received an E-Mail from the LIBER Executive Director that congratulates our project for winning the LIBER Award for Library Innovation 2012! These are really great news!

Our abstract:  “Data Management in Scholarly Journals and Possible Roles for Libraries – Some Insights from EDaWaX” was among the top three papers that were submitted to the conference.

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EDaWaX WP2: Some Information about Journals and Selection of our Analysis

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Today I want to share some parts of our current research with you. While writing our report on the work package 2, I thought it would be a good idea to publish some of my thoughts – it helps to structure all the information we have.
I start with a brief introduction about the selection of scholarly journals for our research work. Surely this will be only a small excerpt of the whole information presented in the report. So watch out for this publication!

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