EDaWaX presents its work in Washington D.C. and Cambridge in December

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The end of the year is coming nearer – for our project it will be an interesting year-end closing, because we’ll be on site at two very interesting meetings:

First at December 11 – 12, we’ll be in Washington D.C., USA, where we’re presenting some results of our research project in a session of the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Fall 2012 Membership Meeting.

A few days later we’ll present our project at the First Open Economics International Workshop in Cambridge, UK, hosted by the Open Economics Working Group.

# Update: 2012-12-10: Bad news: Because of heavy snowfalls in Germany may flights were canceled. Unfortunately this also applied to our flight to Washington DC – so we’ll not be able to attend the CNI Membership Meeting.

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Found on the ‘net: OpenAIRE, OA in Economics and Benefits of Open Data

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Today I want to point the attention of our readers to some actual developments, articles and blog posts. Actually, there are too many interesting topics to be addressed in single posts. Therefore I collected some facts in a buildup.

Open AIRE releases demonstrators for enhanced publications

The OpenAIRE initiative (www.openaire.eu) has recently released demonstrators for enhanced publications. These focus on linking literature to associated research data and project information in two different disciplines: life sciences and social sciences.

The pilots are ‘work in progress’, but Open AIRE warmly welcomes feedback at this stage from researchers, open science enthusiasts, librarians and all on how the initiative can improve and develop these pilots further, especially from the researcher’s point of view.

The demonstrators are available here: https://www.openaire.eu/en/component/content/article/9-news-events/424-subject-specific-pilots-for-enhanced-publications

To get in touch with Open AIRE directly with any questions, feel free to write an Email to najla.rettberg [at] sub.uni-goettingen.de.

Ross Mounce: Review of Open Access in Economics

Ross Mounce, a PhD student at the University of Bath, wrote an interesting blog post about the development of open access publishing in economics. Ross states that 17% of the overall literature space (1.66 million articles) in 2011 were published open access. This is a comparatively good result. Nevertheless the remaining 83% of all articles are still published closed access. Read the rest of this entry »

EDaWaX: First paper published! #Update

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I am happy to announce that some of the results we obtained in our analyses have been published in the proceedings of the WissKom2012 conference (pp.29 ff).

In the research paper for Wisskom2012 Olaf Siegert and I summarized some of the findings of the EDaWaX project.  Unfortunately the paper is available in German only, but I promise to publish some more of our major findings in English – eighter on this blog or in a seperate paper. Some results of our analyses are already published here: ( |1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | )

The presentation I gave in Jülich is available in the download section of the blog.

I also wrote a paper in English that has already been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal. I hope to find time to rework the article and to integrate the very helpful notes and comments of the reviewers anytime soon.

I’ll come back to you, when I’ve got news.

# Update 2012-11-14 #

A slightly updated version of the paper is also available now. It has been published in Working Paper Series of the German Data Forum (RatSWD), No. 210. The RatSWD Working Papers series was launched at the end of 2007. Since 2009, the series has been publishing exclusively conceptual and historical works dealing with the organization of the German statistical infrastructure and research infrastructure in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences.