American Economic Association launches Registry for RCTs.

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registerkasse_250_flickr_tarale Patrick McNeal reported on, that the American Economic Association (AEA) has recently launched a registry for randomized controlled trials in economics. Explaing the reasons why the registry has been implemented, the AEA stated:

Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) are widely used in various fields of economics and other social sciences. As they become more numerous, a central registry on which trials are on-going or complete (or abandoned) becomes important for various reasons: as a source of results for meta-analysis; as a one-stop resource to find out about available survey instruments and data.

Because existing registries are not well suited to the need for social sciences, in April 2012, the AEA executive committee decided to establish such a registry for economics and other social sciences.

In order to facilitate registration, there are only 18 required fields for a registration. To protect confidential and other sensitive design information, most of the information can remain hidden while the project is ongoing.

For the moment, registration is free.


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