Introducing datorium – a new Data Repository Service for the Social Sciences

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250_datorium_gesisThe current e-infrastructure for research data management in the field of social sciences in Germany has extended by an important component. Up to now, we faced a fragmented e-infrastructure for documenting, storing, hosting and curating research data in social sciences: On the one hand there are well-established research data centres e.g. for large household survey data.  On the other hand appropriate research data infrastructure components for small and medium-sized research projects for instance were, with a few exceptions, almost not available yet.One of these exceptions is datorium, an upload-service for research data, managed by GESIS – the Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences. GESIS is the largest infrastructure provider for the Social Sciences in Germany.

datorium provides a user-friendly tool for the autonomous documentation and upload of research data.

After registering, data depositors can publish their research data and related findings immediately. All uploaded research data and documentation will be peer-reviewed, a persistent identifier (DOI) will be assigned and afterwards registered. Depositors will receive a message by e-mail about the progress of the deposit process.

The data stored in datorium will be digitally preserved by the GESIS Data Archive subsequently.

datorium offers depositors full control of the data and metadata they supply. For instance datorium offers the possibility to decide who is authorized to access the data (e.g. free access, restricted access or even embargo periods).

For more information on datorium please consult the website of the service or – for those interested in more detailed information – I suggest reading the following publication:

Linne, M. (2013). Sustainable data preservation using datorium: facilitating the scientific ideal of data sharing in the social sciences. In Borbinha, J., Nelson, M. & Knight, S. (Ed.): Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPres2013) (pp. 150-155). Lisbon, Portugal: Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal. Retrieved January 30, 2014, [Link]

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