Science established “Statistical Board of Reviewing Editors” to investigate data

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250_166997_web_R_K_B_by_S. Hofschlaeger_pixelio.deIn order to provide better oversight of the interpretation of observational data handed in to the journal along with manuscripts, Science established the Statistical Board of Reviewing Editors (SBoRE), which started working on 1st July, 2014.

The board consists of experts in various aspects of statistics and data analysis. Their task is to investigate manuscripts, in order to identify issues which need screening, and to suggest experts from the statistics community to examine that data. Editors, BoRE members (members of the BoREBoard of Reviewing Editors – conduct a rapid quality check of the manuscripts and propose which of them should be reviewed by technical specialists), and reviewers can decide which manuscripts need additional examination of the data analysis or statistical treatment, which will then be handed in to the SBoRE.

The reason why Science is taking this step is that readers must have confidence in the conclusions published in the journal. A reviewer chosen for reviewing a manuscript because of his or her expertise in the topical subject matter will not always be an expert at data analysis at the same time. That is why the SBoRE is needed to ensure scrutiny of the data and will therefore help avoid honest mistakes in data analysis.

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