Dear Author,

First of all, many thanks for using our application! Within this document you will find useful notes for handling our application. In case of questions or ambiguities, this documentation is intended you support you in the process of uploading your replication files. In addition, we also provide guidance on creating metadata for these resources, which is an important task: By providing us with rich metadata, it is quite simple to add these datasets to your personal list of your scientific outputs. Also your replication files can be added to the scientific output of your institution.

We will successively expand the documentation and also add some short ‚best-practice‘ examples for ‚typical‘ submissions to economics journals.

Furthermore, we are continually enhancing the application. In particular, we aim to significantly reduce the efforts for describing each file with additional metadata.

If there are additional questions, which are not covered by this documentation, please feel free to contact the product manager of the ZBW Journal Data Archive, Mr. Sven Vlaeminck (E-Mail: journaldata [at] zbw [dot] eu; Phone: +49(0)40-428 344 15).

Please note: the most recent documentation is available on the webpage of the JDA .

Below, you will find an outdated version, but I leave it here for purposes of documentation.

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