OpenAIREplus launched – linking peer-reviewed literature to associated data

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In early December 2011 the Open Aire Plus Project was launched – the project is designed to run 30 months and is funded by the EU. The aim of the project is providing cross-links from publications to data and funding schemes.

OpenAireplus brings together 41 pan-European partners, including three cross-disciplinary research communities.

The project will build on the efforts of the OpenAIRE Project, that enables Researchers to deposit their research publications that were funded by ERA or FP7 into OA-Repositories.

In the copurse of the project, the current publication repository networks will be expanded to attract data providers from domain specific scientific areas.

Creating a robust, participatory service for the cross-linking of peer-reviewed scientific publications and associated datasets is the principal goal of OpenAIREplus. As scholarly communication touches upon many disciplines, the project’s horizontal outreach will facilitate collaboration across data infrastructures, providing information to scientists, non-scientists as well as to providers of value-added services. The project will establish an e-Infrastructure to harvest, enrich and store the metadata of Open Access scientific datasets. Underlying technical structures will be deployed to support the management of and inter-linking between associated scientific data.

Dr. Norbert Lossau, Scientific Coordinator of the project and Director of Goettingen State and University Library states:

“The participatory design of OpenAIREplus will seamlessly guide the researcher to Open Access research data. The experienced consortium will pave the way to support the research work of European scientists and open up the road to multi-disciplinary science”



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