Statistical software: its use and popularity in Economics

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by Christina Kläre & Timo Borst


During a four weeks project at ZBW’s Department for Information Systems and Publishing Technologies, we collected some publicly available information about statistical software packages being used in research in Economics. This work is inspired by a constantly updated blog post from Robert A. Muenchen, who examined information sources like job announcements, scientific articles, reports from IT companies, questionnaires, sales statistics from software textbooks, blogposts, forums, polls measuring popularity of programming languages, sales and download figures, or the frequency of software releases from software vendors. By means of these sources, we conducted the following data collections. Read the rest of this entry »

New Guest Blog for TRN

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In a Guest Blog for the Replication Network, I wrote a little bit about the history of the EDaWaX project and listed some of the project’s outputs. In addition -and possibly even more important- I also outlined the current and future developments: In particular I dwelled on the question what remains after the project completed its second funding term in autumn.

One answer is the ZBW Journal Data Archive. The technological core of the project has become part of ZBW’s infrastructure. Currently, we are still in the process of enhancing technical functionalities and layout of the application. In the next weeks I will report on detail on the application. Read the rest of this entry »

Knowledge Exchange: New Report on Research Software Sustainability published

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Knowledge Exchange, a consortium of five national organisations within Europe tasked with developing infrastructure and services to enable the use
of digital technologies to improve higher education and research, has just a released another report on research software sustainability. The report is motivated by the importance of research software for the whole scientific process in every research discipline. The report argues:

“Without software, modern research would not be possible. Understandably, people tend to marvel at results rather than the tools used in their discovery, which means the fundamental role of software in research has been largely overlooked. But whether it is widely recognised or not, research is inexorably connected to the software that is used to generate results, and if we continue to overlook software we put at risk the reliability and reproducibility of the research itself.”

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Documentation of EDaWaX’s CKAN-Application: First draft available

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auswahlOne of the primary objectives of the EDaWaX-project is the development of a software application which intends to facilitate the management of research data for journals in the social sciences (and especially for those in economics and business studies).

The software application is approaching its public release at the end of the current funding term in late April. But we are already very far with the software’s developement. For those of you who can’t await the public release, we have just published a very first draft version (Version 0.1) of the application’s documentation. Even though there are still some parts of the functionalities that are not yet covered by the documentation, interested readers and researchers can get a picture of the application’s functionalities and features.

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Adapting CKAN for Open Research Data

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250_logo-ckanOne aim of EDaWaX is to develop and implement a web-platform prototype for a publication-related research data archive. We’ve chosen CKAN –an open source data portal platform– as basis for this prototype.

This post describes the reasons for this decision and tries to give some insights in CKAN, its features and technology. We’ll also discuss these features both in regard to our special use case and to the suitability for research data management in general.

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